From Winter’s Icebox…

Hey, everybody!  Hope you’re keeping warm.

This sluggish season finds all kinds of activity lurking beneath the surface in my little basement cave.  Burning the fire of Oshun here with my trusty pooch by my side, I’m simultaneously crafting new H&H tunes, doing final mixing/editing on Volume 2 of Raise The Dead Language and preparing my bass lines for a Nirvana Unplugged tribute I’ll be rocking with the fine folks of Foxhound.

Additionally, hot of today’s presses, there’s a new video floating about the ether featuring your’s truly doing a rendition of the classic Boyz II Men “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” Root Down In The Shadow, a local blog of all things Philly-centric, runs a regular Cover Club series, which showcases local artists covering songs that have something to do with Philadelphia.  While research will show that the B2M song isn’t their own, nor is it necessarily a Philly original, it will always mean Philly to me.

Turning to the written word, I just wrapped up an essay for Philly publisher The Head & The Hand’s upcoming Asteroid Belt Almanac.  This will be my first official publication, and I’m beyond excited and thankful to Nic and everybody there for giving me this opportunity to put my college degree to use.  There will also be an accompanying track of original music released with the piece.  Look for the Almanac in April.

Also in the works on the Head & Hand tip, there are early rumblings that point towards a musical/spoken-word collaboration with aforementioned Nic under the guise of the Savage Detectives.  It’s a top secret operation at the moment, but I’ll let a little something slip to whet the appetite – alternate history Ben Franklin.  More to come…

That Nirvana tribute I mentioned earlier will be February 22nd at Philly’s newest hotspot, The Boot & Saddle.  Join me and Foxhound, along with a couple other 90′s tribute ensembles, for a trip down memory lane.

And speaking of The Boot & Saddle, there will be a pretty awesome residency there EVERY Wednesday in May featuring Hoots & Hellmouth working out a slew of brand new songs on stage in preparation for recording our next album.  Oh yes…the beast yet lives!

See you soon!

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