The Summer is greater than the parts

A sweaty West Philly greeting to you and yours.

Well, Hoots & Hellmouth finished principal tracking for our next record mid-June, then we hit the road for a little over a week.  Appalachia continues to sing its siren song to me.  One of these days you can all expect to find my little boat crashed on its gently sloping shoulders.  That’ll be me splayed out on the ground with a satisfied smile.

Until then, however, there is much to do, many miles to traverse, songs yet unsung!

The month of July will find me performing solo a couple times.  On July 16th I’ll be revisiting my compositions from last Summer’s Clark Park production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest as part of the Midsummer Night’s Hootenanny: Songs Of Shakespeare.  It’s been a while since I hung out with those tunes…looking forward to catching up.

July 19th I’ll have the honor and privilege of joining forces with Emily Zeitlyn of Divers for a House Show in West Philly. The setting will be the very same studio that brought you that version of “Move Me” I did for the Root Down In The Shadow Cover Club series. The bill is stacked, the house is homey and the backyard bonfire will ignite your soul.

All the while I’ve got a handful of projects that I’m working on in my home studio that I’m really excited to unleash on the world. Much more to come!

Now go have a tall glass of iced tea.

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