The Thickness Thawing

Aloha from the dark recesses of Internetia! I’ve been occupied with bringing a little human into the world for a while now, so I’ve been rather absent from online contact. Vera Lenore sends her regards.

However, just cuz I’ve been silent does not mean that there isn’t stuff to talk about! Iron Gump and I will be conducting more of our deeply immersive sound journeys in the near future. April 1 at a yoga studio in Fishtown (I’ll have a name/link ASAP!), April 5th at The Rotunda and April 29th at Studio 34. Come vibrate, rest, be…

Hoots & Hellmouth will be releasing an EP of outtakes from our last LP, In The Trees sometime this year under the Philly imprint The Giving Groove. We’re excited to pair with this local charity-driven label to release these tidbits that didn’t seem to quite fit on the last record.

Staring down the future near and far, expect to see a fresh website in the coming weeks. Also, YADIDI will be making musical movements come Summer time. And all the while, behind the scenes, I continue work on my first oratorio.

Be light.

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